January 7, 2019

Does losing weight on a Keto diet increase levels of “bad” cholesterol?

ContentsTesting cholesterol levelsEverlyWell test kit – basic at home lipid testMy resultsDietary impact on LDL cholesterolA typical dinner for meFasting and LDL-CGenetic impact on LDL cholesterolConclusion Losing weight is hard…. Read More

Are supplements healthy?
December 17, 2018

Are your supplements making you sick?

ContentsI thought processed foods were unhealthy?Supplement additivesLiposomal supplements and heart healthSupplements and chronic illnessExamples of supplements causing unwanted side effectsThe bottom line Sacrilege, right? Supplements are healthy! They provide us… Read More

why I don't eat canola oil
November 26, 2018

Why I don’t eat vegetable oil

ContentsWhy vegetable oil is bad for youVegetable oil is easily damaged and contains free radicalsVegetable oils contain glyphosateOmega 3 to Omega 6 ratiosVegetable oil contains trans fatCan eating vegetable oil… Read More

Are there toxins lurking in your tampons?
November 15, 2018

Are there toxins lurking in your tampons? How to buy non-toxic menstrual products

ContentsToxic tampons and pads – what to watch out forAre European tampons safer?Questions to ask for finding safe tamponsSynthetic materials in tampons and padsDioxins in TamponsToxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)What’s the… Read More

ghee vs. butter
November 13, 2018

Can a ketogenic diet prevent Alzheimer’s? What about APOE4?

ContentsWhat is APOE4?Alzheimer’s and glucose metabolism in the brainTesting the glucose hypothesisCan a ketogenic diet prevent development of Alzheimer’s?Key takeaways We received a question recently from a gentleman who purchased… Read More

Vegan studies
November 12, 2018

The Vegan studies that weren’t

ContentsUnderstanding epidemiological studiesRed Meat and Type 2 DiabetesPlant based diet and mortality riskPescetarians live longer than Vegans?Key takeaways Most of us can agree: eating less meat is better for our… Read More

Heart Health Cholesterol Genetics
November 6, 2018

Why heart attack risk goes well beyond LDL-C

If you’re like most people, you go to the doctor once or twice a year to get blood drawn. A few weeks later, you get a call to go over… Read More

steak and high protein diets
November 5, 2018

Meat eaters: know your numbers for these 4 lab tests

ContentsMeat eaters: know your numbers for these lab testsLDL-P (heart health)TMAO (gut health)IGF-1 (cancer risk)C-reactive protein (generalized inflammation)Conclusion Does eating meat cause cancer and heart disease? No. Except for rare… Read More

October 31, 2018

Why is my LDL-C high and what can I do to lower it?

ContentsWhat is LDL-C?What determines LDL-C levels in the blood?Why all the conflicting information on saturated fat and LDL-C?Breaking down the Retterstøl studyWhat foods increase LDL-C? Key takeawaysRule #1 – Avoid… Read More

October 23, 2018

Sterol sensitivity: a genetic explanation for success on the Carnivore diet?

ContentsWhat are plant sterols and what is sitosterolemia?The ABCG8 genes and sterol clearanceCarnivore dieters have sitosterolemia symptomsTesting for sterol absorption Science Grade:  I’ve already written about why I think the… Read More

Fasting mimicking soup packet
October 6, 2018

ProLon – the easy, evidence-based way to do a 5-day fast

ContentsWhat is ProLon?Why was ProLon invented?Fasting research – a quick overviewCalorie restriction and fasting – What the research saysProlonged fasting and immune system functionShould you try ProLon? Designed to take… Read More

September 30, 2018

Why Glyphosate is Dangerous, and How to Avoid Eating it

ContentsGlyphosate is a broad spectrum herbicideWhy do farmers use Roundup® and glyphosate-based herbicides?The glyphosate cancer linkEvaluating the safety of glyphosateGovernments and glyphosate disclosuresGlyphosate use impacts crop qualityGlyphosate contaminated foods vs…. Read More

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